Wednesday, 7 March 2012

sexy back!! day 3

awesome awesome AWESOME!!! i feel pretty damn awesome today! and i did pretty good :)

i got to sleep in until 9 {not that late, i know.. but it's a godsend if you're a mother of 3!}, and i actually got my workout in pretty early. well... 10:30 is early for ME anyway, since my usual habit is to dick around in the kitchen, drinking coffee, and checking facebook for an hour or so. but today, i wanted to work out right away. i'm glad i did. in days past, i would work out mid- to late afternoon, have a little burst of energy after supper, and then be totally exhausted by 7, dragging ass all over the place. today has been non-stop energy!! 

today i did the insanity fit test. i feel pretty good about my numbers. here they are {my last fit test result is red, in brackets}:

SWITCH KICKS - 112 {73}
POWER JACKS - 37 {38}
POWER KNEES - 100 {90}
POWER JUMPS - 27 {25}
GLOBE JUMPS - 9 rotations {7}
              36 jumps total {28}
SUIDIDE JUMPS - 10 {16}**
PUSH UP JACKS - 15 {15}**

**in the last fit test, i did these exercises on an incline on BF's advice. he didn't want me hurting an old injury, which i had done in the past. this time though, i felt strong enough to get right down on the floor for these ones. without the incline, these moves are far more challenging, so i couldn't do as many in the allotted time. but the numbers didn't go down TOO drastically {as i had thought they would}, and i'm happy with it.

overall, i think i did pretty good. some things WOW-ed me completely. like 112 switch kicks? AYFKM?? those are my most HATED of the whole work out, and have inspired COUNTLESS strings of grunted profanity at mr. shawn t. himself. so i guess i'm doing something right!! 

i think i did pretty good with the eating too. YES, by the fuck, i did go a little coffee crazy.. BUT I KNOW OF NO OTHER WAY TO SURVIVE!!! anywho... i made a big pot of barley and lentil soup this evening, AND some whole wheat flax/wheat germ cookie things. the soup is awesome fuel. i know this because the last time i made it, BF ate it ALL WEEK. he packed on muscle and got visibly leaner, IN A WEEK. unfortunately, it's not as easy for me to shred up like that {or mostly anyone else!! BF is a beast!! raawwrrr!!!!}; BUT i can still try!!

tomorrow is rest day. i'm looking forward to it. i'm going to take a nice long, hot bath; do some light stretching, and laze around for the first part of my day. 


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