Saturday, 10 March 2012

sexy back!! day 5

ugh. today? yeah, it's one of those days. i did good, i worked out, i even added on 15 minutes of ab work to the oxygen circuit.. but i still feel BLAH. not just now, but ALL DAY. when i tell BF i know exactly what he's going to say: "you're overtraining."

on the bright side, i woke up this morning free of any knee pain. when i talked to BF about it last night and described where it was and whatnot, he wasn't too concerned anyway. BUT, because of the "overtraining" mentioned above, he said that i should either take tomorrow off completely, or at least do something easier than insanity. hummpphhh. ok, i know i DID ask him to help me with this, and to give me advice and motivation {which he is great at!}, but every time he tells me, "you've gotta take it easy," or "take a day off, it won't kill you!!", all it does is make me want to work out more. but overtraining syndrome is a real, honest to god, actual THING... so i have to consider this very carefully. the symptoms are as follows:

  • persistent muscle soreness
  • elevated resting heart rate
  • increased susceptibility to infection
  • increased incidence of injuries
  • irritability
  • depression
  • loss of motivation
  • insomnia
  • decreased appetite
  • weight loss
notice i highlighted in red the ones that i have so far. but my question is, how much of these symptoms can be chalked up to me being premenstrual and hormonal? pretty much all of it, except for the elevated heart rate. i'm not very sore at all {but maybe i will be later, with the addition i made to the circuit}, and i have absolutely no trouble sleeping. at this point, i'm not sure how to proceed. if i still feel like this tomorrow, i think i will just do the circuit again, rather than insanity. if i feel better, full steam ahead with that sexy bit of man meat also known as shawn t!! BUT, if i feel worse, i am not doing FUCK ALL. i think maybe this overtrained feeling might even have something to do with my lack of rest and recovery on my day off. i never did get to relax at all that day, and i don't think i sat down for more than 2 minutes at a time for the whole day. oh well. next time it's time for rest and recovery, i'm locking the doors and closing the curtains and getting my goddamned rest and recovery!! or at least as much of it as #3 will allow.

anywho, enough of my bitching. today as a warmup, i did a 15 minute ab workout i found in last september's issue of oxygen. even though it was only 2 sets of 5 different moves, it was fucking nuts. yep, i am going to feel that shit tomorrow, and probably even tonight!! i wanted to post pics and descriptions like i did for the oxygen circuit, but i can't for the life of me find pics for all of these moves online, and i'm not too keen on typing out the instructions. what i will tell you, is that it was some intense shit.. at least for me, with my poor weakened, and stretched out by pregnancy abdominal muscles.

anywho, after a minute break or so, i jumped right into the oxygen circuit. strangely, it seemed more difficult today. overtrained? maybe. not adjusted to the new ab addition? i hope it's just that. i was able to finish it without any trouble, but i just wasn't feeling the "pump". i'm glad i got it over with, but that's not the feeling i want to have: that a work out is something to just "get over with."
oh well. bitching doesn't help. 

i feel like i really need some rest, so i'm waiting for the little one to take her nap {pray for me!!} so i can hop into the shower and have a little snooze myself. the boys are content with their games, and i suppose an hour of games on march break will NOT kill them, especially if it enables me to be a more happy, rested, and mostly sane mom.

tomorrow? well, it just depends how i feel. while i don't want to miss a workout AT ALL, i want an injury even less. before i go, could someone out there please pray that this child will take her nap? please? i don't care who or what you pray to, every little bit of help counts! mommy needs naptime!! 

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