Tuesday, 6 March 2012

sexy back!! day 2

holy sweet mother of god, was i ever tired and sore this morning!! who knew that what i saw at the time as an just easy little workout on the treadmill would have this effect! i'm just glad it's march break, and good ole BF let me sleep in until 10!! thank god for the little things!

i did ok with the diet today. not great, but ok. i say that because i went a little coffee crazy, and i probably didn't get enough protein. and of course, i'm beating myself up just a tad {and by tad, i mean SHITLOAD} for eating half a big bag of doritos last night. in bed. alone. pathetic, eh? AND i didn't even have any sex to attempt to burn it off. oh well. can't change the past, and all that shit. 

anyway, i was seriously dragging ass today. i even considered just mopping all of the floors {which needs to be done anyway, and TODAY!}, and counting that as my workout. but no. nope. fuck off self, with your lazy ass bullshit. mopping floors {even if i do ALL of them at top speed} just won't cut it! so, on i went with day 2 of this shit. like i mentioned in yesterday's post, i'm doing the oxygen circuit on day 2. it went well and i got a good sweat on. i like this workout, because even though it's lower intensity than what i'm used with insanity, i feel it working. also, i do it in the kitchen. all i need is my dumbells and i'm set. i don't have to worry about baby, because she is always in sight, and she stays out of my way. anyway, even though i did post it before, i'm going to re-post the oxygen circuit {and i have some pics too, in case anyone would like to try it}. another plus? it only takes me about 30 minutes! here it is:

run in place, 30 steps
body weight bulgarian squat, 15 reps each leg
jumping jacks, 20 reps
standing hammer curl, 15 reps
step-ups, 8 reps each leg {i used my front stairs}
push ups, 15 reps {incline 2nd circuit}
run in place, 30 steps
side plank, 20-30 seconds each side
jumping jacks, 20 reps
front raise, 15 reps {lateral 2nd circuit}
step-ups, 8 reps each leg
one arm seated row, 15 reps each arm
run in place, 30 steps
walking lunge, 15 reps each leg
jumping jacks, 20 reps
bench dips, 15 reps
step-ups, 8 reps each leg

and now, the pics:
bulgarian squat {i didn't use dumbells}

standing hammer curl
step ups

side plank {don't forget to breathe!!!}

front raise {1st circuit}
lateral raise
seated row {this is the best i could find. i did one armed rows, so one arm at a time, and i used dumbells}

walking lunge {i didn't use weights}
bench dips {i fucking DESPISE these!!}

that's about it. i didn't get to mopping yet, but i'll probably do that after supper. i have to do a SHITLOAD of laundry too, which means i'll be going up and down the damn stairs at least another 28 times before tonight. oh well. all part of the whole mommy deal, right? can't really have the little ones running around bare assed. 

i'm looking forward to tomorrow. i'm doing day 1 of insanity again, which is the fit test. i'm curious to see if i've made any improvement since last time {january 25}. and after that? a sweet, blessed, fucking downright BLISSFUL day off, to rest and recover. and by rest and recover, i mean do the same kitchen bitch stuff i do every damn day, but with no workout. 



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    1. gave that bitch a kitchen, bitches love a kitchen... then she cut my fucking nuts off and fed them to me o.O

  2. I am tired and hungry so I will go with the tired "YOU GO GIRL"

    1. also tired and hungry. constantly, it seems. *half-hearted high five*
      Y U NO make us a sammich?