Tuesday, 27 March 2012

sexy back!! day 14

fucking awesome. those are 2 words that describe today. oh sure, the little taste of summer we had last week with the super weird, yet AMAZING heat wave we had is long gone, and it seems winter is back with a vengeance. fucking canada. but despite all of that, i know the cold and wind simply can't stick around forever. 

i went for a little walk to my mom's today to visit her and my little bro. it was nice, especially since mom is 3 months sober. we played a few games of crib and talked. after that i went home, expecting to be bitched at by BF, since i had been gone for hours when i only went over to borrow some potatoes. BUT he didn't mind, and even seemed to be enjoying his afternoon with the kids. the end of his man-struation? i hope so. impending apocalypse? more likely. 

anyway, i didn't get a chance to work out until 8:30 tonight. i did insanity's plyometric cardio circuit {my fave!!}, and i felt strong. the only thing that sucks is that i get winded and need to stop to catch my breath, even when i know i should be able to go longer. fuck. it's the cigarettes, i know it. even though i have cut WAY back, it's not enough. i need to quit. 

tomorrow is rest day, although i don't think i will get much rest. i have to wash all of the floors and hopefully get some more organizing done. should be fun. NOT


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