Friday, 9 March 2012

sexy back day 4

so i had my so-called "rest & recovery" day yesterday, except instead of resting and recovering i ended up mopping all of the floors AGAIN and entertaining my little bro, his gf, and their 1 year old son. #3 refuse to nap, so no nap for me. she stayed up until 9pm, even though she had been up since 6:30am. holy sweet shuffling jesus, i have NEVER seen such a miserable baby!! she cried, screamed, and hurled her poor exhausted self on the floor over EVERYTHING. i was just about at my wit's end when BF finally came home. and of course, after all of my attempts at calming her down had failed miserably, all he had to do was scoop her up and lay her down. BAM!! she just went to sleep. i was relieved and annoyed. lol

anywho, today i did my running exercise again {2 minutes of running, followed by 3 minutes of walking, repeated 4 times}. i felt stronger this time, and rather than dragging my ass up the hill to get home, i had a bit of bounce in my step. could this be similar to this "runner's high" i keep hearing about? i also remembered to do a bit of preparation before my run to prevent the blisters that i got on my toes last time. i didn't get any new ones, but i think it's time for a new pair of running shoes!! 

thankfully, #3 did decide to  nap today, so after stretching and cleaning up my sweaty self, i am now lounging in bed with my coffee until supper time. 

the only thing i didn't like about today is that now, since i've been relaxing, i can feel twinges of mild pain on the inside of my right knee. i always seem to have problems with this leg: first the broken ankle last year, loads of foot pain back when i was doing insanity every day, and now this. i'm going to google this shit and get some advice {and TLC!!} from BF, in the hopes that i find a way to fix it or at least keep it from getting worse without having to take a break from the running.

thankfully, tomorrow i will be doing the oxygen circuit, and i'm hoping that since it is relatively low intensity, it will give my knee a little rest. if i still have pain, i think i will have to take a day off to heal before i do insanity. i hope it doesn't come to that!! 

i'm having a hard time with the counting cigarettes. i keep forgetting to record when i smoke, so i think i need a different method. on the bright side, i think my love of these damn cancer sticks has waned more than a little bit today, when i felt that i could run farther and faster because my muscles could take it, but i was getting too winded to try. BF assured me {he quit in january!} that it will be easier to give them up the stronger i get, because i will want to get better. i hope so! in any case, i'm  almost out of smokes anyway {i think i have 2 packs left?}, and i don't get paid until next thursday. so maybe i can manage the cold turkey thing? pray for me, and for those in my household!! 

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