Friday, 16 March 2012

sexy back!! day 9

slacking on the blogging again. sorry to the one person who might actually read these fitness blogs. lol

today is actually rest day, and what did i do? i mopped, and did laundry, and all that fun shit. i really had no choice though; with me being gone to work for 3 days this week, everything seemed to pile up. i feel like i spent those 3 days {which were also work out days!} in a state of constant pissed-offedness because BF DID NOT pick up the slack while i was gone. GRRRR!! at least until a coworker pointed out something interesting: if he HAD done all of the things i usually do here in a day, he probably would not have done them MY WAY, and i would have been peeved at that, especially when you take into account the fact that my uterus and ovaries are declaring mutiny once again. so it would have been a shitty week anyway? huh. well, he could have at least ATTEMPTED to make it look like he did anything besides sit at the computer..ugh. it's all in the past i guess.

yesterday, i did insanity's cardio power & resistance workouts. i've said it before: this is the toughest one for month 1, by far!! shawn t really kicked my ass yesterday, and i felt a slight decrease in my performance. shitty. that means i am definitely overtrained. but it kind of solves a problem for me, strangely enough. see, BF's birthday is on sunday and st. patrick's day is tomorrow. tomorrow is scheduled to be my day on the treadmill/death machine. BUT we were invited to a st. patrick's day party, and we were planning on celebrating BF's birthday that night too. where does the overtraining come in? well, since i will be having a few drinks on saturday night, i know i won't be working out on sunday. so... i am just going to take saturday AND sunday off. my muscles can recover from these past few weeks {i haven't taken more than a day off at a time in the past month}, i will to blow off some steam and have a little break from being so damn disciplined {for me, at least lol}, and my little ocd-ish tendencies will not be thrown into disarray by having a random hangover day thrown into the mix. so, back at it on monday right where i left off. 

happy st. patrick's day!!


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