Sunday, 25 March 2012

sexy back!! day 12 & 13

well, here we are. i am feeling much better, and things are much happier in the kitchen {and in the bedroom, but we'll get to that later hehe}.

the other day, when i said i was going to do the oxygen circuit, i didn't get to it. BF came home shortly after i posted, and we had a good talk. there was a bit of yelling, more than a little crying, and it was all in all very therapeutic for me {and educational for him}. in any case, all i'm going to say is that even though i didn't get to do my oxygen workout, i DID get a little.. umm... cardio ;)

yesterday i went for a run. i missed the gym, but since the roads are mostly clear of ice i decided to head out on the road. the only problem was that it was pretty windy. i didn't think it would be that bad, and since the wind was at my back for the first half of my run it really didn't seem like the wind would be an issue. BUT on my way back, there was a hill and the wind was blowing in my face. it was cold and it was really hard to catch my breath. i made it up the hill, but i really struggled. so much so, that i wasn't able to recover enough to do the last part of my running exercise, and had to go the rest of the way at just a brisk walk. pretty fucking discouraging. 

i could feel the bad mood starting to creep back, so rather than going straight home i stopped in to visit my aunts and mom. we had a good little visit, and they told me all about how they have taken to walking together every day to help my oldest aunt with her diabetes. then they stuffed me with homemade banana bread and tim hortons coffee and sent me on my way. WHAT?! i can't very well say NO to offered food, especially when ALL of my aunts are there! they would have sent me to the corner or some shit! anyway, i felt loads better when getting home. my mood improved tenfold when BF reassured me that even though i didn't finish what i had planned and written out in my "most holy of holy schedule" {his words. sarcastic fucker}, that i had run my first hill and that he was actually surprised that i made it up at all, let alone with the wind. that was nice. i think he's FINALLY starting to see how serious i am about this. i might let him keep his testicles attached rather than skewering them off with a rusty spork and mounting them on my wall as a warning for any other testicle-wielding individuals who  find themselves in my vicinity. 

today went pretty good too. i did the oxygen circuit again, but i bumped up the intensity a notch. instead of 2 circuits, i did 3 and the amount of reps and intensity increased. here it is:

run in place: 50 steps
body-weight bulgarian squat: 15 reps each leg
jumping jacks: 30 reps
standing hammer curl: 15 reps
step-ups: 12 reps
push-up: 15 reps {regular 1st circuit, incline 2nd, regular 3rd}
run in place: 50 steps
side plank: hold for 20-30 seconds each side
jumping jacks: 30 reps
raises: 15 reps {front raise 1st circuit, lateral 2nd, bent over 3rd}
step-ups: 12 reps
one-armed seated row: 15 reps each arm
run in place: 50 steps
walking lunge: 15 reps each leg
jumping jacks: 30 reps
bench dips: 15 reps
step-ups: 12 reps each leg

after all of that, i rested for 2 minutes and repeated it twice more for a total of 3 circuits {with the indicated changes to certain moves}.

i feel pretty awesome now. i'm glad i was able to get over this past week's depression and discouragement, and even though it was rough, i am proud of myself for getting my head out of my ass for long enough to stop with the fucking whining and just get shit done. another great thing about today? i took some pics of me to see how they compare to the pics i took back in january. i was hoping for a bit more of a difference by now, but i guess i'm just my own worst critic. and i DO need to live. AND i do believe that occasional indulgences in things like wine, doritos, and chocolate are necessary for life. NECESSARY. just shut up and look at my pics :)

tomorrow is insanity day!! i'm actually looking forward to it.. well, as much as a person can look forward to running and jumping around until reduced to a grunting, sweaty, swearing mess. wish me luck!!



  1. I see a difference! (yes, I totally scrolled to the end to see the pics then read the rest!) You are an awesome and sexy bish!

  2. You are really coming along and I am so jealous of your motivation. Wanna come down here and kick my ass into gear? <3 you keep it up chicka!

    1. anyone could do it dear. anyone. i know this because i am the laziest person i know.