Monday, 22 October 2012

stupid legs.

no workouts for the past 2 weeks. i almost wish i could blame it on laziness. but i can't.
2 weeks ago today, i went for my usual monday run, only this time i was supposed to increase my time from 3 minutes of running at a time to 5. i was nervous, and didn't know if i could do it. i got 'er done, and was ec-fucking-static. 

sadly, later on that night, and even worse the next day, my shins were killing me. after talking with the house-penis and doing some online research, i figured i had shinsplints. and the worst case scenario was that i could be unable to run for weeks, or even MONTHS. fuck that.

so first, i tried to figure out what i had done wrong. the first thing that came to mind was that i had upped my intensity too quickly, for both my running AND weight lifting. add that to my worn running shoes and the fact that i was mostly running on pavement, you could say i was setting myself up for injury without realizing it.

the rest of that week, i spent strengthening and stretching my calves and icing my shins about 3 times a day. after 3 days, i had no pain or tenderness at all. i didn't want to start right again yet though, in case my shins needed more time to heal. at the beginning of  my second week off, i bought some new shoes, and just had to try them. i only made it through half a running workout, only running for 2 minutes at a time, before feeling tenderness in my shins AGAIN. fuck.

fast forward through another week of rest, ice, and stretching... i went for a run this morning, and it went well. even though i am only running for 2 minutes at a time (which is 3 weeks of progress behind where i left off), i try to keep reminding myself that i DO NOT want another goddamned injury. so i took it easy, ran slow, and made sure to stretch afterward. tomorrow it's weights, and i will have to remember to chill the fuck out on my legs.

even though 2 whole weeks of doing fuck all made me feel like a big tub of lard all over again, i realized that was mostly in my head this morning after stepping on the scale. i am down 3lbs!! so that's cool.

i'm not quite shitting rainbows and gumdrops anymore, but i'll get there again eventually :)


  1. Glad to see your back.
    I missed you.. "subtle" writing.

    I got to my goal size, and now I am working on setting a new goal for a size smaller.

    No more Mondays.
    Just keep pushing toward looking KICK ASS

    1. i'm glad to be back :)
      had a bad case of the fuck-its for a few months, but let's just hope i got all that out of my system!! lol