Monday, 21 May 2012

sexy back: week 3 (after a 2 week break lol)

yep. i took 2 weeks off AGAIN. only half of that for a valid reason too. fuck sakes.
first, i was hit with a good, solid week of diarrhea. good times. after that was over, i really don't have any excuse for slacking other than possibly pms. more likely, i just had another case of the fuck-its. either way, it's over and done with. i gained a couple pounds back, which blows... but on the brightside, this past week i did pretty good.

out of supps and depressed over missing the past 2 weeks. began to snap out of it when BF brought home a month's supply of protein and pre-workout shit that i like. did nothing more strenuous than wash all of the floors.

afternoon walk/run with little bro. 33 minutes total (4 mins walking, 2 mins running; repeated 5 times). my legs felt like lead and my cardio sucked. i was huffing and puffing like a 100 year old chain smoker. i think this was partly due to pushing too hard to keep up with little bro (i definitely underestimated him!!). this, of course, was the phase 3 workout. i think that i will repeat phase 3 again next week before advancing to phase 4. 

weights/cardio circuit at noon. felt strong and had a good sweat. first time that i wasn't watching the clock and anticipating the end of the workout. i was actually all "wow, that's it?" when it was over. 

i had set the alarm for my morning run the night before, but it didn't go off. i ended up doing the weights/cardio circuit at noon again.
took the kids for a walk later in the afternoon, probably about 25 minutes. BF helped me do 15 minutes of ab work when we got home. i feel very tired and kind of sore, but otherwise in good spirits.

finally, my stupid goddamned alarm decides to work!!! out the door at 6:30am for a walk/run (same phase 3 workout). it was a gorgeous morning, and i did better than on monday. i really must have been pushing too hard then, because this time it was easy to finish. i was barely out of breath at all. still had a bit of tightness in my shin and calf, so even though it seemed easy, i will repeat phase 3 next week. 

walked around with the kids all morning, at least 3 hours. spent the afternoon shopping. had no time to sit down, and didn't get to even think about my weights. 

hungthefuckover. also started my period last night. FUN!!! will try to run tomorrow, even if it is a fucking holiday.

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